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— Разработка безналоговых схем ведения интернет-бизнеса

— Подключение веб-сайтов к оффшорным платежным системам

— Юридическое обоснование увода финансовых потоков в оффшорные зоны

— Регистрация компаний и открытие банковских счетов по разработанной схеме

— Открытие счетов в иностранных банках для созданных компаний

— Оценка рисков возникающих на каждом этапе ведения деятельности

— Создание структур юридических лиц для вашей бизнес-модели


— Development of tax-free schemes for conducting Internet business

— Connecting websites to offshore payment systems

— Legal justification for the withdrawal of financial flows to offshore zones

– Registration of companies and opening bank accounts according to the developed scheme

– Opening accounts in foreign banks for established companies

– Assessment of risks arising at each stage of business

— Creation of legal entity structures for your business model

— Technical and legal audit of ongoing work on the project

Keeping accounts

Advantages of clients of the agency "SOVET Consulting"

Tax optimization, the project of which is developed taking into account all the features of the customer's business, allows you to conduct commercial activities with minimal costs for the maintenance of the state apparatus and covering its fiscal requirements. Any novice entrepreneur is faced with the need for state registration of his business. This is necessary to open a current account that allows you to accept non-cash payments. Cashless payment is the main feature of business on the Internet.
Many network business owners use electronic wallets in their work and accept non-cash payments bypassing the banking system. Such a scheme can work great when an entrepreneur sells his goods or services to individuals and does not plan to earn more than the monthly wallet turnover limit that is set in each electronic payment system. Such a scheme for accepting payments is not suitable if the business has grown or was initially large enough, as well as in cases where its clients are predominantly entrepreneurs.

A tax-free scheme for business is not so much a current account in a foreign bank, although such a service can be obtained separately, but a comprehensive package of consulting services. It may include:

1. Registration of a company in an offshore jurisdiction.

2. Consulting support when choosing a foreign bank that best meets the needs of the client.

3. Development of individual strategies for tax optimization and increasing the protection of business from non-legal influences on the ground.

Here is a far from complete list of services provided by the agency "Council Consulting". You can get acquainted with their full list during a free consultation by calling the hotline number indicated in the feedback form of this portal. Some proposals can only be made during a personal conversation with the agency's specialists, which will require the presence at the agency's head office. If you are unable to reach us at the moment, please report your problem via email. Be sure to include your phone number so that a consultant can contact you at a convenient time for you.

Financial support from SOVET Consulting

Business Meeting

Legal assistance in withdrawing finances offshore

1. The possibility of attracting cheap loans from foreign banks.
2. Convenience of accepting payment for goods or services when they are purchased by buyers from far abroad countries.
3. Access to the market of European equipment, components and technologies that may be prohibited from sale due to sanctions.

Two men sit in front of each other

Registration of companies and opening of bank accounts

Among the clients of the Council Consulting agency who seek such assistance, one can meet both the creators of large network trading platforms, as well as owners of small IT companies. It is important to remember that online business is far from the only area of commercial activity that requires consulting support.

Judges Examining Document

Opening an account in a foreign bank

Most of our clients do not need to develop financial optimization strategies used by multinational corporations. As a rule, entrepreneurs have enough assistance in opening an account in a foreign bank or registering a company outside the Russian Federation. The department of legal support of commercial activities, staffed by specialists, is working on solving these problems.

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