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Property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is absolutely legal and quite simple!

The company "SOVET Consulting" is ready to consult on any issues of purchasing real estate in Turkey

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Investment - Real Estate - Turkey

Real estate transactions in Turkey have long been put on stream, this area is developing more and more intensively every year, thanks to a favorable price-quality ratio, a variety of offers and prospects for investors. Therefore, buying property in Turkey is the path chosen by far-sighted people.


Support of the company "SOVET Consulting" 

With our help, buying both a commercial property and a house, villa, apartment in Turkey will not be a “headache” for you, but rather a simple and quick procedure. You can be sure that we work absolutely legally, and you are completely insured against unscrupulous agents.

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Investment in real estate in Turkey

SOVET Consulting will help implement one of the most profitable ways of investing funds available to foreigners at the moment

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Why buy property in Turkey?

  • Legal: a foreigner can legally buy and register real estate for himself.

  • Quality: The quality of the property is quite high. Turkish construction companies are famous and respected all over the world.

  • Profitable investment: real estate prices are constantly rising.

  • Liquidity: You can always profitably and quickly rent and sell your property.

  • Residence permit: if you are a foreigner, then if you own real estate for 5 years, you can apply for citizenship of this country.

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Commercial real estate in Turkey

Commercial real estate in Turkey refers to all types of real estate that can be used for commercial activities for profit, and company SOVET Consulting knows how to implement such projects.

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