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Search for business partners and contacts for business with Turkey

You are a seller or a buyer. Are you interested in Turkish import or export? Do you want to place an order with factories and factories in Turkey? Do you need partners in Turkey?
We search for partners for you in Turkey and offer assistance in carrying out import or export transactions in Turkey.
Our company is not an intermediary in transactions Import or Export Turkey. The mediator only works once.
When choosing to work with us, consider that you have a representative office in Turkey.
We always protect the interests of the client. Our services include finding partners in Turkey, negotiating, concluding contracts, resolving issues with transportation and customs, legal support and much more in Turkey.

Business meeting

Services for finding business contacts and partners in Turkey:

  • Analysis of the feasibility of importing to Turkey or exporting from Turkey a certain product

  • Search for import and export partners, goods or services in Turkey according to the specified parameters (field of activity, production volume, sales volume, purchase volume, etc.)

  • Placement of your orders at factories and plants in Turkey

  • Providing information-analytical, operational detective and legal assistance, conducting marketing research in order to study the Turkish market, minimize losses and prevent crises

  • Checking the capabilities of potential Turkish partners

  • Negotiating with Turkish partners on supplies on a mutually beneficial basis

  • Organization of meetings and negotiations of Turkish partners with your representatives or experts (simultaneous translation)

  • Conducting presentations in Turkish and organizing participation in specialized exhibitions of your product in Turkey

  • Consulting on Turkish business culture and negotiation strategies with Turks

We are ready to reduce your transaction costs in Turkey to a minimum and help you sell or buy in Turkey.
There is a constantly updated base of partners in the supply of textiles from Turkey, the production of clothing under its own brand in Turkey, including on a tolling basis.

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