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Legal assistance in Turkey for Russian speakers.
Lawyer and Advocate in Turkey.

Our team of highly qualified Russian-speaking lawyers is ready to provide you with their assistance. With extensive experience in providing legal services to both large companies and small businesses and individuals, we are able to solve any of your legal issues in Turkey.

Юридические услуги при инвестировании в недвижимость

Young Lawyer
  • Юридическое консультирование.

  • Юридическая экспертиза уставных документов (верификация), правоустанавливающих документов на объекты недвижимости.

  • Передача объекта недвижимости с баланса на баланс.

  • Получение разрешения на строительство или перепланировку здания.​

Group of lawyers discussing on a lawsuit
  • Договорные отношения с поставщиками и подрядчиками строительства.

  • Представительство и защита прав.

  • Рекомендации по страхованию недвижимости (точные формулировки предмета страхования и периода страхового покрытия, страховых рисков, процедуры возмещения ущерба в страховых случаях, поддержка в спорных ситуациях, в том числе в судебном процессе).

Contract Review
  • Контроль над снятием обременения с объекта недвижимости за счет покупателя продавцом (если объект недвижимости имеет обременения).

  • Сбор и подача документов на получение разрешения на переоформление прав собственности (ТАПУ).

  • Передача прав собственности и регистрация сделки (получение ТАПУ).

Business books
  • Комплексное абонементное юридическое обслуживание собственника или арендатора коммерческой недвижимости в Турции

  • Составление проекта договора (при необходимости - предварительного договора), консультирование по существенным условиям договора, согласование условий договора между сторонами, обеспечение заключения договора (наличие необходимых документов, проверка полномочий подписывающих лиц).

Law Books

labor law

To avoid all these risks, of course, it is better to first protect yourself by familiarizing yourself with the labor legislation of Turkey in terms of the rights and obligations of the subjects of labor relations, after consulting with a competent lawyer.

Migration Law

Our lawyers are always ready to advise you on migration law issues, help you avoid deportation, withdraw a deportation decision, and generally make your stay in Turkey as safe as possible.

Trustee or "QAYUM"

We guarantee that by contacting us in advance, you will avoid the risk of losing money and time when making any commercial transactions with Turkish partners!

inheritance law

Our Russian-speaking specialists will help you to correctly draw up all the necessary documents for the transfer of inheritance rights, tell you about all the nuances of inheritance relations in Turkey and prevent the possible occurrence of unpleasant situations related to property and inheritance relations between relatives.

Patent Law

The lawyers of our company are always ready to assist you in obtaining patents and licenses for new ideas and inventions, protect your copyrights and defend your interests in case of their infringement.

Family law

SOVET consulting  offers legal services, advice and assistance to Turkish citizens and foreigners in handling family law cases such as marriage contracts, divorce proceedings, property disputes and inheritance cases in Turkey.

Criminal law

Our experienced lawyers will help you find compelling arguments in order to protect the rights and interests of our client.

Commercial law

  • Registration of work permits and residence permits for foreign founders and employees of organizations

  • Drafting and legal analysis of contracts in Turkey

  • Obtaining licenses, certificates, permits for various activities in Turkey

  • Legal support of commercial transactions in Turkey

  • Legal services for the collection of debts and receivables

  • Representation and protection of the client's interests in commercial and tax disputes in arbitration, arbitration, international courts

  • Control over the execution of court decisions

  • Protection during tax audits and inspections of the Turkish authorities that control the commercial activities of enterprises

Property rights protection

Services for the protection of intellectual property rights in Turkey.

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